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Happy holidays - I made you this Stata tree...

Two Stata-related problems/issues I've been working on involve building weaved, literate documents via -markstat- (from SSC) and post-processing Stata graphs via gr_edit commands. gr_edit commands are not documented but are helpful for adding elements across many graphs that you'd otherwise have to add manually (or by creating a graph recording). The biggest downside to gr_edit commands (or applying graph recordings) is that it's a slow process when you have many hundreds/thousands of graphs to edit. In the code example below, I made you a holiday tree with 100k lights. I know, this is very thoughtful of me. You are welcome. Update (Dec 25): First here's a new version of a holiday tree using -tw scatter-/-tw bar-. I like this version much better than the approach I had originally included when I first put up this post. These previous attempts using -scatteri- and gr_edit are still included below : **************! clear set obs 2000 g z = 10 g obs =

Slack: Alchemizing FOMO into neurosis

At my research firm, we’ve finally caught up to c.2013 and adopted Slack for project communications and management. My initial (<2 weeks) impression is that I like it -- the command line, programmable bots, and API parts, in particular, are appealing (and I'm guessing that the utility of those will increase over time.) There is a lot of conflicting advice out there about how to best use slack, so in this post I add to the noise with some guiding principals we’re following (at least initially). The tl;dr version of this post is that more channels with fewer conversations > fewer channels with more conversations (noise) mute your notifications! Slack will let you know when you are needed (as long as others follow standard @ mentioning (tagging) conventions) threading = good (but use it deliberately) Reply with purpose, otherwise just React don’t be a luddite-learn & use the Slack /slash commands. Below are more details/notes/tips on how we are using Slac