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I think this technically violates Asimov's zeroth law...

First, AI was tasked with dealing with the pesky Reviewer #2 problem of the scientific peer review process (ok, the Evise feature is just a search & match function, not really AI).  Now, AI is here to handle the messy business of actually writing your scientific manuscript for you.

SciNote has their new magic AI plug-in (sarcasm intended) that will purportedly take the results of your analyses and links to relevant literature and "magically" turn it into a scientific manuscript.

From the product page:
This is where the magic happens
Once your data is nicely organized in sciNote, Manuscript Writer can do its job!
Based on the data you have in sciNote, it will generate a draft of your manuscript.

oof.    Insert lateral plaintiff face type emoji here.  

This only perpetuates the issues with paper mills/publishers (that thankfully get exposed (using a fake manuscript generator no less)). At least they didn't launch this new product at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time,  on August 29th.

Disclaimer:  I was once asked to participate in generating a mission statement in exchange for employment and $$.  I have no expertise in generating mission statements and upon googling this task realized that there are a lot of similarities in the types of buzzwords and structure of these types of statements, so I coded up something like the script below which generates passable, fake mission statements.
Here's some example lines of what this program produces on a test run:
"COMPANY goal is to enthusiastically embrace strategies mission-critical the education arena to allow us to revolutionize a market-driven personal commitment to our clients." 
"The objective of COMPANY is to completely facilitate unique information to initiate market-driven products." 
"COMPANY's clients can count on us to assertively integrate competitive meta-services in order to initiate innovative sources."
"COMPANY's goal is to "fake it till we make it" and to network next-generation content so that we can  dramatically operationalize low-risk high-yield infrastructures." 
"COMPANY will completely coordinate prospective sources to allow us to efficiently productize extensible materials." 
"The goal for COMPANY is to continually integrate the education arena so that we can utilize market-driven methods." 
"COMPANY clients can count on us to proactively synthesize corporate dynamics of education so that we can continually engineer innovative meta-services."
So I guess for me this process was:

Mission statement script in Stata:

**mission statement generator**
set obs 10000 //set # of statements to generate here!

loc stem `" `"COMPANYs goal is to "' `"The mission of COMPANY is to "' `"The goal for COMPANY is to "' `"COMPANY has a responsibility to "' `"COMPANYs goal is to fake it till we make it and to "' `"COMPANY clients can count on us to "' `"COMPANY will "' `"The objective of COMPANY is to "' `"COMPANYs goal is to fake it till we make it and to "' "'
loc trans `"" in order to " " to allow us to " " to endeavor to" " to stay pertinent in " " to stay " " so that we can be " "'
loc adv `" "assertively" "authoritatively" "collaboratively" "competently" "completely" "continually" "conveniently" "dramatically" "efficiently" "enthusiastically" "interactively" "proactively" "professionally" "quickly" "seamlessly" "synergistically" "'
loc verb `" "administrate" "build" "coordinate" "create" "customize" "disseminate" "engineer" "enhance" "embrace" "facilitate" "fashion" "foster" "initiate" "integrate" "leverage" "leverage others" "leverage existing" "maintain" "morph" "negotiate" "network" "operationalize" "optimize" "orchestrate" "productize" "promote" "provide" "pursue" "recontextualise" "restore" "revolutionize" "simplify" "synergize" "synthesize" "supply" "utilize" "'
loc adj `""best-of-breed" "best practice" "business" "competitive" "corporate" "cost effective" "cutting-edge" "diverse" "economically sound" "effective" "emerging" "error-free" "ethical" "excellent" "extensible" "high standards in" "high-payoff" "high-quality" "holistic" "inexpensive" "innovative" "interdependent" "leading-edge" "long-term high-impact" "low-risk high-yield" "market-driven" "mission-critical" "multimedia based" "next-generation" "outcome-driven" "parallel" "performance based" "paradigm-shift" "principle-centered" "professional" "progressive" "prospective" "quality" "resource-leveling" "revolutionary" "scalable" "seven-habits-conforming" "timely" "unique" "user-centric" "value-added" "viral" "virtual"'
loc nouns `""benefits" "education solutions" "a personal commitment to our clients" "dynamics of education" "education policy" "catalysts for change" "content" "data" "deliverables" "information" "infrastructures" " intellectual capital" "leadership skills" "materials" "meta-services" "methods" "methods of empowerment" "mindshare" "opportunities" "paradigms" "products" "resources" "services" "solutions" "education solutions" "sources" "technology" "innovative and lasting management" "innovative and lasting management and technology solutions" "public education" "K-21 education" "the education arena" "for students and parents" "education solutions" "'

foreach i in stem adv verb adj nouns trans { //a1 v1 ad1 n1 
loc space ""
loc space: word count ``i''
di `"`space'"'
g `i' = 1+int((`space'-1+1)*runiform())
g `i'1 = 1+int((`space'-1+1)*runiform())
replace `i'1 = `i'1+1 if `i'==`i'1 & `i'1 <6
replace `i'1 = `i'1-1 if `i'==`i'1 & `i'1 >2
order stem adv verb adj nouns trans adv1 verb1 adj1 nouns1 
drop stem1 trans1
g sort = runiform()
su sort, d
replace adv1 = . if sort <`r(p50)'
drop sort

foreach v of varlist * { 
g `v'_n = ""
forval n = 1/`=_N' {
loc vvv `"`v'"'
di `"`vvv'"'
loc vv : subinstr loc vvv "1" ""
di `"`vv'"'
loc num `=`v'[`n']'
replace `v'_n = `"`:word `num' of ``vv'''"' in `n'

drop `v'
rename `v'_n `v'
g statement = stem+ adv+" "+ verb+" "+ adj+" "+ nouns+" "+ trans+" "+ adv1+" "+ verb1+" "+ adj1+" "+ nouns1 +"."
replace statement = subinstr(statement, " ", " ", .)
replace statement = subinstr(statement, " ", " ", .)
keep statement
outsheet using mission.txt, replace nonames nocomm
type mission.txt, lines(10) //look here -->
duplicates report statement