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TextWrangler and Stata

With the introduction of syntax highlighting and the ability to handle larger do-files, I've started to use the built-in Stata do-file editor more and more in lieu of BBS's TextWrangler . However, several times a week I still find myself firing up TW for more complex tasks.  Most often it's when I need to show differences 2 or more versions/revisions of code, do a complex find/replace, character substitution, duplicate line deletion, or regular expression search.  I use it for FTP uploads and inspecting/opening text-versions unknown filetypes on my Mac OSX.  And occasionally, I'll open it if I'm working simultaneously on several do-files since the Mac version of Stata 11 still doesn't support tabbed do-files. I use the TW for Stata scripts found here  and I use the c ustomizable shortcut functions in OSX 10.6 to send my do-files or a section of my do-files to Stata from TW. The only issue I have with the script above is that it's outdated.  The DataNi