Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ResearchNotes moved to new sub-domain -- Update your Feed Links

I've moved the site from http://eric-a-booth.blogspot.com to a sub-domain at my site:

The old 'blogspot' address will continue to forward to the new site hosted on my subdomain for a while, but please update your bookmarks,  feed subscription, or email subscription.

Monday, January 3, 2011

TextWrangler and Stata

With the introduction of syntax highlighting and the ability to handle larger do-files, I've started to use the built-in Stata do-file editor more and more in lieu of BBS's TextWrangler.

However, several times a week I still find myself firing up TW for more complex tasks.  Most often it's when I need to show differences 2 or more versions/revisions of code, do a complex find/replace, character substitution, duplicate line deletion, or regular expression search.  I use it for FTP uploads and inspecting/opening text-versions unknown filetypes on my Mac OSX.  And occasionally, I'll open it if I'm working simultaneously on several do-files since the Mac version of Stata 11 still doesn't support tabbed do-files.

I use the TW for Stata scripts found here and I use the customizable shortcut functions in OSX 10.6 to send my do-files or a section of my do-files to Stata from TW.

The only issue I have with the script above is that it's outdated.  The DataNinja site hasn't been updated in a while and I don't expect it to be any time soon, so it's unlikely that I'll get syntax highlighting for new commands that have been created since then.

One way I've found to update the TW scripts is to grab the new "official" syntax commands from the Stata .app package contents (see #1 below) and then grab the list of all other commands/ado-files I've downloaded from SSC or elsewhere (see #2 below) and add all these to the outdated stata.plist file for TW.