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An Update to Dual

Previously I described an application/script that enabled you to open two or more Finder windows, stacked side-by-side, on Mac OSX (10.4 or later).  This update changes the proportion of the windows the the display of the files to something closer to Path Finder 5; that is, the finder window stacked on the left (Window 1 below) is set to "list view"; Finder Window 2 (right) is set to "column view."  Adjust the size of the Finder windows using the "hei"(height) and "wid"(width) properties.  The script will also "hide" all other open windows.

You can download the .app version of this file (below) and then drag it to the dock next to your icon for a convenient way to open and positioning multiple Finder windows. 

Here's the .script:

property wid : 10
property hei : 40
set the startup_disk to (path to startup disk)
tell application "Finder"
close every Finder window
set visible of (every process whose visible is true and frontmost is falseto false
         ---get the target of the 1st Finder window
                 --Window 1--
set win to make new Finder window
set the target of win to the folder "Desktop" of the home
set the bounds of win to {heiwid, (hei + 650), (wid + 750)}
set the current view of win to list view
                 --Window 2--
set win to make new Finder window
set the target of win to the folder "Documents" of the home
set the bounds of win to {(hei + 660), (wid), (hei + 1400), (wid + 750)}
set the current view of win to column view
select the last Finder window
        ----close the first Finder window
end tell