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StataCorp has a blog

Stata now has an official blog -- Not Elsewhere Classified  -- check it out.

Fun with Stata: Google for Stata

I use the -findit- command from the Stata command line/window dozens of times a day.  However, I've always wished that there was a way to have -findit- search for than just Stata commands or materials on the web so that I wouldn't have to leave the Stata window just to Google something.   Also, I've always wanted -findit- to search Statalist archives for me as part of the process of looking for an answer to some burning Stata-related question.  Now, you can stay tethered to Stata and Google with impunity without ever leaving the safety of your Stata command line. The ado-file described below allows you to Google something from the Stata command line and have the results either return to you in the Stata "Results" window (default) or export to your system's browser.  The title of the results webpages are returned and the links in blue are clickable to navigate to that page in your OS default browser. The syntax is:  google [ , Filetype(string) Site(stri