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Report indicates that "Toyota Accelerator Data Skewed Toward Elderly"....maybe not

 "An anonymous reader passes along this discussion on the data for the Toyota accelerator problem, from a few weeks back. (Here's a Google spreadsheet of the data.) 'Several things are striking. First, the age distribution really is extremely skewed. The overwhelming majority are over 55. Here's what else you notice: a slight majority of the incidents involved someone either parking, pulling out of a parking space, in stop and go traffic, at a light or stop sign... in other words, probably starting up from a complete stop.'  Read more of this story at Slashdot."

I don't think this is that striking really... this is only out of a N of 30 (plus 5 incidents with individuals of an 'unknown' age which would be enough to shift the distribution if they were all younger) and there's nothing here that accounts for any other factors that could have been involved with the accident.  Importantly, what about the age distribution of individuals who are most likely to own a late model Toyota--are these accidents simply a reflection of that distribution?