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Update: Encoding Variables and Labeling Values Consistently (and Efficiently) in Stata

On 2010-02-09,  I posted this example on strategies for labeling values for lots of variables efficiently in Stata. Today I discovered a function in NJC's - egenmore - extension of - egen - that I think is easier to use and, in many cases, faster to implement than the combination of -labutil- and -multencode- that I had suggested in my Feb 9 posting; so, to extend my previous example, here how we could label those variables using -egen- and the function "ston()" (scroll to the bottom to see the UPDATED code): *-------------------------------------------------BEGIN CODE clear **this first bloc will create a fake dataset, run it all together** input str12 region regioncode str20 quest1 str20 quest2 str20 quest3 "Southwest" 1 "Strongly Agree" "Strongly Disagree" "Disagree" "West" 2 "Agree" "Neutral" "Agree" "North" 3 "Disagree" "Disagree" "Strongly Disagr

Merging international / cross-national data using Stata

Giulia Catini, Ugo Panizza, & Carol Saade have published " Macro Data 4 Stata " with the codes to link up many popular international and cross-national economic datasets .    This is similar to a Stata adofile on SSC called - kountry - which cross-links other international political science or economic datasets.   Taken together, this provides a great resource for working with international datasets.

"Aero Snap" with OSX

A colleague's new favorite critique of the Mac is that it doesn't have the "aero snap" feature that MS has been touting in their recent ads (where you can drag a window to the left or right of the screen and it will become a half window on that size of the screen.  I admit this feature does look handy (in lieu of simply dragging the corner to resize the screen)'s a freeware that will do what aero snap will do in Mac (and it will do it for the top half of the screen and the bottom half, in addition to the snap left and snap right features in Win7): TwoUp The only downside (kind of) is that it operates on keyboard shortcuts.  There is a paid version of this software, called Cinch ,  that will let you simply drag the window for the snap feature (at $7 its probably a bargain, but I like to stick to freeware apps) I like using shortcuts, and my hands are at the keyboard more than the mouse, so this works for me, but it might not work for others. (to get mous

Encoding Variables and Labeling Values Consistently (and Efficiently) in Stata

In PHPM 672 this week, we are working with -label define-, -label variables-, and -label values- to label data.  You can use these these (in combination with commands like -recode- and -replace-) to get a consistently labeled dataset, but there are three utilities that can get you there more efficiently:  -encode-, -multencode-(from SSC), and a suite of utilities in -labutil-(from SSC). The goal is to get to a common value assignment across all similar variables (example:  many variables that use the same categorical scale of responses).  You can simply use -encode- if you are sure that the string variables that you are using to build categorical variables with value labels all have the same categories that are all spelled the exact same way.  If not, you will need to use -multencode- to deal with missing categories and -replace- or -subinstr()- to correct any spelling deviations.  Finally, once you've labeled the categorical variables consistently, you want to put them in an ord

Quick Links

1. This study  demonstrates how reducing information/effort obstacles for the college application process increases the college attendance rate. At PPRI we're seeing some of this same pattern in Texas high schools where we've helped evaluate one high school reform grant or another.  Campus counselors or other staff are sitting down with HS seniors to help them fill out FAFSA and other application materials, and many of them think that this is helping to improve their college attendance rates.  However, the problem here is knowing what really happens when that senior exits high school & if they do start college, what their likelihood is of actually completing a degree . 2. Yet another reason to learn Bayesian Modeling / Analysis  3.  PhD Comics take down of news media poll reporting 4. Is the spurious regression problem spurious? [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

3D Mac Desktop via "bumptop"

I like the way  bumptop organizes file stacks (similar to "stacks" in the dock, but more flexible)--though the jury is still out about whether it will improve my productivity or not. Below is my 3D desktop using bumptop. The stacks of photos are there for illustration, but the video at the bumptop webpage shows how you can sort and scrub through stacks of documents/photos.  Notice how you can post links, pending documents, and sticky notes on the 4 walls (the back/bottom wall is not visible unless you navigate to it).  You can also switch to 2D mode on the fly.

Quick Links

BJPS comes out from behind its pay wall Problems in the Census Data    ...  the referenced Alexander, Davern, and Stevenson paper    ...   WSJ Bialik write up Adjustments for Modeling Medicare Service Use Statalist changes its subscription rules [ 1 ] [ 2 ]    ... and no, mental health screening is not an official subscription criteria Wall Street Fight Clubs  ... I am Jack's complete lack of surprise