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A Note on Posting Code in Blogger

As is the case with a lot of free blogging sites, posting code can be a pain.  Google sites and wordpress have fixed the issue, but blogger (Google-owned site) has not.  Many users have posted solutions that involve uploading code to your server and downloading a "syntax highlighter" file, but you have to paste in the css tags before every code posting & I'm not willing to mess with that solution (and I'm hoping that blogger will add this functionality soon).

So, for the purposes of this site, I am posting all code (Stata or otherwise) in grey, standard-width font between a starting and ending set of asterisks.  Also, I'll use row continuation flags (/*  and */) to indicate text wrapping.  I copied/pasted the code from my previous posting into the Stata do-file editor (and and it ran without issues.